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Thursday, January 23, 2014

monterey square

monterey square

Black hat and mohair oversized cardigan c/o Choies
Sweetfield oak leather tote bag
Imogene + Willie Elizabeth jeans
Madewell boots, indigo tee
Vintage belt and necklace

For better or worse, Savannah doesn't really have a winter to speak of. Deciduous trees are hard to come by, and the weather rarely dips below freezing during the day. It might sound nice, but live oaks with their hanging moss and perennial grayish-green hue are a little disorienting to someone who's used to changing seasons.

monterey square monterey square monterey square monterey square

The positive side of a mild winter is light wool coats and chunky sweaters are plenty warm enough during the day (which makes this Choies mohair cardigan perfect), and there's never a good reason to not be outside. One of Neil and my favorite places to walk is Monterey Square, just north of Forsyth Park, where Jim Williams (of Midnight in the Garden fame) and rival-preservationist Lee Adler used to live within a stone's throw of one another. Williams and Adler collectively saved hundreds of Savannah homes from decay or the wrecking ball. Both men are gone now, but thanks to their efforts Monterey Square is grand and well-kept today.

Some winter finds - my first pair of Imogene + Willie jeans (they were on sale right before Christmas so I grabbed them) and a minimalist leather tote made by John of Sweetfield Leather, a local Savannah artist. John has been making leather goods in Savannah for decades now. After giving him an idea of what I was looking for, he custom built this bag. I couldn't be happier with it.


  1. I want those I+W jeans sooo badly! They literally have my name on them. I'm so scared to order them online tough because of obvious fit questions. Do you think they run true to size? Like, if I'm a 26 in Madewell, am I going to be a 26 in I+W...? Sigh.

  2. Looking good, Lauren! I'm adding these jeans to my list of 'potentials'! It's so hard to come by high waisted jeans that aren't legging-tight down to the ankles (although I do have a few pairs of those too), so far I've resorted to buying wider legs and tapering them...

  3. So beautiful Lauren! As a GA transplant to New England, I completely understand the stark difference in "winter" seasons between the two. The snow is so stunningly beautiful up here that I love being in the midst of winter in its purest form, but it is definitely nice to be in a climate where you don't have to wear a sleeping bag coat everywhere you go. It looks like you are adding to the lovely scenery of Savannah, you are always looking so lovely lady! xo