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Thursday, January 31, 2013

red corduroy and sponsorship spots

corduroy red

Vintage medallion turtleneck
Vintage corduroy skirt, leather belt, southwestern bag - thrifted
American Apparel super opaque tights
Madewell ankle boots

In the middle of my third (and final) paper for graduate admissions.. in a couple of weeks I will be finished with applications! It can't come soon enough, as lately my brain has felt like taffy stretched in about twenty different directions.

I've had some decent thrifting luck in the past month or two, nothing too flashy or rare but luck with some trustworthy basics I can seamlessly fit into my closet - mostly with early nineties pieces like this red corduroy skirt and the southwestern leather shoulder bag (which will come in handy when I'm riding rollercoasters a month from now). Some things for the shop, too.. it's been sorely neglected this winter, but not for much longer.

corduroy red corduroy red corduroy red corduroy red

I have some sponsorship spots freeing up in February, so for those interested send me a line at bloomingleopold@gmail.com for more info and rates. I open to sponsor swaps as well, don't hesitate to ask!

Sewing project coming this weekend!


  1. Love the outfit! And especially the skirt!


  2. Good luck on your applications and cool bag!

  3. Love the skirt! You can never go wrong with thrifted vintage pieces, especially from the early 90's.

  4. Good luck finishing up those applications! I'm sure you'll be happy when they're done.
    Also, this skirt is wonderful! I wish I had a corduroy skirt. Yours looks so cute with the navy blue top.

  5. Great outfit! And good luck with your applications :)

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  6. LOVE this top and skirt together. And your hair is so pretty!